Mission Statement


Our Mission is to work in partnership with our clients, empowering them to reach their lifetime goals through proactive, individualized and integrated wealth management.  We strive to earn our clients’ trust by exemplifying the highest levels of proficiency, integrity and objectivity in everything we do.


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“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi





Core Values: Our Foundation for Earning Your Trust


Proficiency, Objectivity and Integrity


Proficiency (pro-fi-cien-cy):  the quality of having great ability and competence


Proficiency is a critical component in providing superior service to our clients.  We believe ongoing trust does not come from a good 'sales pitch', but rather, tangible qualifications enabling superior service and results.  Both education and experience combine together to give our professionals the knowledge needed to fulfill our mission.  We strive to exceed the continuing education requirements set forth by the CFP board.  We require all professionals at Everest Wealth Management to maintain at least one of the following designations:  CFP, CFA or MBA.  The President and Founder of Everest Wealth Management has all three.


For more information on the professional designations and what they represent, click here.


Objectivity (ob-jec-tiv-i-ty):  the state of being without bias, emotions or personal prejudices


Objectivity means we always put out clients' interests first.  We sell no products, just objective advice.  We receive no commissions, referral fees, sales loads or any other income from third-party sources.  Because our only compensation is client-paid fees our incentives are directly aligned with our clients' best interests.  Being independent allows us to shop the market for the most suitable and cost-effective products for our clients. 


Integrity (in-teg-ri-ty):  firm adherence to a code of moral values


Integrity is a central tenet of everything we do at Everest Wealth Management.  As a Registered Investment Advisory firm we have the legal fiduciary duty to act in our clients' best interests at all times, unlike stock brokers who have successfully lobbied to be exempt from such standard.  We believe in the Golden Rule of treating others as we would like to be treated and conduct every aspect of our business with the highest ethical standards.  We maintain strict confidentially of our clients' information.




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