Wealth Management Services


Our wealth management services include both comprehensive financial planning and investment management.  By taking this integrated approach we help our clients accumulate, grow, protect, enjoy and transfer their wealth and assist them with life’s financial decisions as they arise throughout the year.


We work with each client to identify his/her life goals and related financial implications and develop a comprehensive plan for achieving these goals.  After a thorough review of each client’s unique financial situation (see Financial Planning below), we provide a list of action steps each client can take to improve his/her situation.  We then assist each client with these action items and implementation of the plan, which includes ongoing investment management (see Investment Management below).  Understanding a client’s complete financial picture and coordinating all his/her investments (including 401k, deferred comp, 529 plans, etc.) are critical to effectively managing his/her money.


Our clients value our integrated approach and one-stop shop for financial advice.  They take comfort knowing they can call us at anytime without concern that a meter will be triggered when we pick up the phone.


“How can they advise, if they see but a part.”

~ Benjamin Franklin


Financial Planning


We understand that your life goals are unique to you and we take the time to learn what's important to you.  Few people have the lifetime goal of simply accumulating money, but most of our lifetime goals have financial implications and we must plan accordingly to have any hope of achieving our dreams.  Financial planning encompasses all aspects of one’s financial life including:

v       Retirement planning

v       Education funding strategy

v       Insurance coverage analysis (life, disability, property and casualty, and long-term care)

v       Income tax planning

v       Estate planning (minimizing gift and estate taxes, avoiding probate, and ensuring client’s wishes are carried out)

v       Tax-effective charitable giving

v       Stock option, restricted stock, and stock purchase plan analysis

v       Employee benefits selections

v       Cash flow and debt management

v       Business valuation

v       Succession planning

v       Self-employed retirement plan selection


Click here to view a diagram of the Financial Planning Process.


Investment Management


Investment management, the cornerstone of our service offering, includes:

v       Designing customized, diversified portfolios appropriate for each client’s financial situation, life’s goals, and risk tolerance

v       Actively managing these portfolios, making tactical adjustments when appropriate for the market environment

v       Maximizing after-tax returns by evaluating tax and fee efficiency of every investment

v       Utilizing broad array of asset classes in the global markets, including stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and precious metals

v       Employing many investment products (exchange traded funds, index funds, actively managed mutual funds, stocks, bonds, REITs, annuities, limited partnerships, and private investments)

v       Often utilizing a much wider investment opportunity set than our clients or their advisors previously utilized, which can increase portfolio performance and/or reduce risk


Click here for detailed descriptions of the Investment Management Process and Strategy.


Ongoing Services


Our clients rely on us for ongoing financial guidance throughout their lives.  We enjoy building these relationships and seeing our clients' life goals come to fruition.  Ongoing servies include:

v      Ongoing advice related to Financial Planning areas listed above

v      Ongoing management of client's investment portfolio, incorporating strategic allocations and tactical shifts, while keeping a close eye on tax and fee efficiency

v      Ongoing advice related to client's investments not under our management including current-employer 401(k), deferred comp, and 529 plans

v      Ongoing evaluation of new investment products and various alternative and private investments

v      Quarterly performance reports that consolidate accounts we manage and those we don’t manage, providing client one picture of total portfolio performance and asset allocation

v      Ongoing comprehensive financial planning to make sure client remains on course to achieve financial objectives and to make adjustments to plan as goals, priorities, and financial situation change

v      Evaluating various “what-if” scenarios and their implications for achieving life goals

v      Open-ended service so client is encouraged to call us with questions at any time throughout the year

v      Assistance with formulating and revising estate plans

v      Ongoing cash flow management, including establishing automatic monthly savings in accumulation years or distributions in retirement

v      Periodic meetings (frequency is client’s choice) to discuss portfolio performance and positioning, and to monitor progress toward achieving client’s goals

v      Participating in teleconferences or accompanying client to meetings with accountants, insurance agents or attorneys, as requested

v      Referrals to outside professionals when needed

v      Advice on issues relating to small business ownership, including business strategy, retirement plan formulation, tax savings ideas, etc.


Wealth Management Fees


Our integrated wealth management services, including personal financial planning and investment management, are covered by an annual asset-based fee.  There are no upfront, one-time fees for wealth management services.  The annual asset-based fee is based on the level of assets we are managing for the client.


    Assets Under Management                                    Annual Fee Rate

        On first $800,000                                                   1.0%

        On next $1,200,000                                                  0.8%

        On next $2,000,000                                                   0.5%

        On remaining over $4,000,000                                      0.2%


(Minimum quarterly fee is $2,500.  Typically our clients have a minimum of $1 million in investment assets,  excluding current-employer 401k)


These fees represent 100% of the compensation we receive for providing wealth management services.  Our belief is that your advisor should be able to articulate 100% of his compensation on the back of a business card.  If he/she can’t, that likely means there are many behind-the-scenes incentives that may influence your advisor to act in his/her best interest, rather than yours.


“How can they advise, if they see but a part.”

~ Benjamin Franklin


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