Why Use an Advisor


You may be deliberating whether to hire an advisor or to continue managing your own financial affairs.  There are three things required to successfully manage your own financial affairs – time, interest and knowledge.  If you have all three, you should continue to manage your own affairs.  We do this full-time, we have a passion for what we do, and we have the education, experience and credentials necessary to do it well. Most of us seek a qualified professional to help with our physical health.  Why should our financial health be any different?


The following questions may help you determine whether you would benefit from working with a financial advisor:


v       Are you devoting sufficient time to managing your financial affairs? 

v       Do you enjoy the time you spend on financial matters or would you rather spend this time in other areas of your life that are important to you?

v       Would you experience more peace-of-mind knowing you have partnered with a professional to help with your financial planning and investment management?

v       Are your current investments well-thought-out components of a coordinated, diversified portfolio or is your current portfolio comprised of a hodge-podge of investments that you accumulated over time?

v       Is your investment portfolio appropriate for your risk tolerance, time horizon and income requirements?

v       Is your investment portfolio positioned for the current market environment?

v       Are you investing in cost-efficient products and avoiding extra fees such as 12(b)1 fees, trailing commission of any sort, surrender charges, back-end fees, soft dollar benefits or contingency fees?

v       Are you aware of all the investment products available to you and their associated risks?

v       Is your investment strategy tax-efficient?

v       Is your investing coordinated with your education funding, retirement planning and estate planning?

v       Do you know where your next savings dollar should be directed (401k, deferred comp, employee stock purchase plan, Roth IRA, 529 plan, debt reduction)?

v       Will your assets be sufficient to fund your desired lifestyle in retirement?  Have all of your life’s goals such as a second career, hobbies, travel plans, vacation homes, and bequests been analyzed and included in your analysis?

v       Are you taking advantage of all retirement savings options available and have you considered all applicable financial planning issues such as college savings plans, long-term care funding, living wills, etc.?

v       Do you know how your assets will be distributed when you die?  Is your life insurance adequate and of the appropriate type?  Are you best providing for survivors in the case of your death?

v       Are you positioned to minimize income taxes, gift tax, estate taxes and probate?


Utilizing our wealth management services can bring you financial peace-of-mind.  By allowing Everest Wealth Management to design an individualized roadmap toward achieving your life’s goals, you can relax and focus on the more important things in your life. 

If you decide to use an advisor, please click the following two links for information to consider when selecting your advisor.


      ˇ     Choosing an Advisor

  • NAPFA Questionaire

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